Exhaustive list of all currently active SMC clubs. If your club is not on this list, please message us through our contact page and we’ll update right away.

Exhaustive list of clubs at Santa Monica College.

Please contact us to add your club information to this list and we’ll update for Fall 2020.

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Active Minds of SMC

We aim to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health on our campus, in our community, and across the nation. By changing the conversation about mental health, we hope to inspire involvement through student led activities, advocacy, and support.




Ad & Pub Club

Student network dedicated to journalism, advertising, public relations, publicity, publishing.


Ad & Pub Club


Adelante Club

To advocate Latin culture at Santa Monica College by providing opportunities for social, academic, and cultural development to students.




All Eyes On Me (AEOM)

To provide opportunities for students to dance, choreograph, film, and perform.



Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society (A.G.S.)

To allow students to connect with their communities on and off campus as to help them excel beyond just SMC.




Anthropology Club

To foster an appreciation of the four fields of Anthropology within the students at Santa Monica College.




American Sports Literature Club (inactive)

A relaxed environment and excellent extracurricular boost for students interested in English, American Literature, and Sports.

Contact: TBA

Art Club

To spread knowledge of the arts to SMC and create a safe space for artists and non-artists to make and discuss art and to provide resources to them.



Art History Club (inactive)


Association of South-East Asian Nations Cultural Club (A.S.E.A.N.)

To cultivate global citizenship amongst ASEAN members; seeking to promote diversity and awareness of Southeast Asian (S.E.A) culture while integrating students of S.E.A. countries into the SMC community. Most importantly, the club provides a forum to preserve unique cultural traditions and connect with peers of similar heritage.



Astronomy Club

To increase knowledge on astronomical terminology, math and tools.




Beyond the Cryptocurrency (inactive)

To educate SMC students the basic knowledge of cryptocurrency and investment strategies, ideally, to assist them to begin their journey of achieving economic



Bike Club

Promoting safe cycling on and off campus, bike culture and sustainable means of transportation while providing students and faculty with free bike repair and workshops.




Black Collegians

In service and assistance to students of African descent to transfer to a 4-year university while empowering and providing them with discussion on issues related to the African diaspora.




Board Game Club (inactive)

Enjoy different types of board games within Santa Monica College; create a comfortable environment for students to relax; provide tons of opportunities for students to meet new friends.



Bowling Club (inactive)

A place for students to bowl and make new friends.



Brazil Club (inactive)

Uniting people with the love for Brazilian culture and creating a Brazilian community within SMC.



Chabad Jewish Student Club

To give all students an opportunity to learn about Judaism in a positive light.




Cheer Club

To spread school spirit and pride, enable social justice, continue campus positivity and support or athletes while breaking the stereotypes of a cheerleader; proudly representing Santa Monica College.




Chemistry Club

The objectives of this chapter shall be to afford an opportunity for students of a chemical science to become better acquainted, to secure the intellectual stimulation that arises from a professional association, to obtain experience in preparing and presenting technical material before chemical audiences, to foster a professional spirit among the members, to instill a professional pride in chemical sciences and to foster an awareness of the responsibilities and challenges of the modern chemist.



Chess Club (inactive)

Provoke chess and tactics.


Chinese Students and Scholars Association

A non-profit association serving all Chinese students at SMC and to assist Chinese students in adapting to the lifestyles in the United States.


Chinese Union

Gathering Chinese students to communicate with the school environment.


Club Grow

To inform and promote sustainable organic gardening to students and faculty throughout the campus.


Computer Programming Club (C.P.C.)

To tutor and foster group projects and collaboration.



CPC Group



Creative Editing Club

To familiarize everyday students with essential Adobe programs in use for future workspaces or personal use.



Eco-Action Club

To raise awareness about sustainability issues on campus; to provide the students of Santa Monica College with tools and knowledge that will help them living a more sustainable life.




Economics Club (inactive)

Providing a space to help students becoming productive members of society by learning about economics and real-world applications while in assistance and service to students succeeding in SMC.


Engineering Club

Allowing students to explore their interests in engineering through various activities and workshops.


English Club

To look at the subject of English with a fresh set of eyes from multiple angles, and see if not only can we use English to feed our intellectual curiosity, but to apply it in unexpected ways to business, our classes, and life.


Enlightened Childhood Educators Club (E.C.E.)

To provide opportunities for professional development for
students who are interested in working in Early Childhood
Education. Students will collaborate to support the importance of E.C.E. in our community.




Family Dinner Club

Our main objective, as artists ourselves, is to give young, driven, artistically inclined people an opportunity to engage in a conversation bigger than themselves while simultaneously providing them platform to be seen. The purpose of forming an official club at SMC is to make Family Dinner more accessible to student artists and the community.


Figure Drawing & Portfolio Development Club (inactive)

Providing a space to learn and practice drawing the human figure referencing live models, and developing a portfolio for animation.


Film Club

Introducing students in pursuit of a filming career.




Future Alumni Club (F.A.C.)

The FAC promotes school spirit while boosting SMC student/alumni identity in support of the SMC Alumni Association’s vision. We are building a vibrant alumni network that provides mentorship, resources, access and opportunities.




Game Developers Unite! (G.D.U.)

We are the game development community at SMC! Open to students looking to develop video games. Join us and make games with us!




Game Developers Unite!


Games, Animation & Visual Effects Club (G.A.X.)

Portfolio and skill development in animation and/or game development.



GAX Creators Club



Gender Sexuality Alliance (G.S.A.)

To promote visibility and education for LGBT+ Students.


Santa Monica Gsa


German Austrian Swiss Club

To celebrate and come together in celebration of German, Austrian, and Swiss culture.


Guitar Club (inactive)

To establish and maintain a community for guitar enthusiasts to meet, share, learn, and expand their knowledge and love for guitar.


His_Her_Story : History Club

To provide a forum to discuss the past and its importance in understanding the present, educating the public on various historical perspectives and help developing a multicultural, diverse and cosmopolitan approach to history that is inclusive to people and cultures.


Hong Kong Student Association (H.K.S.A.)

Unify Hong Kong students in SMC, provide a safe space to talk, and engage in cultural activities.




A safe space for brave undocumented students and allies at SMC.




Indonesian Students Association

To help Indonesian students excel in their studies by providing a supportive community for them to help them adapt in the new college environment while learning about the diverse culture embedded in Indonesian history.


Design Club

To build a community for anyone interested in the Design field while conducting activities and events; contributing awareness, practice, collaboration, networking and community-building pertaining to design.


International Student Forum

A forum where domestic and international students find common ground to form lasting relationships between them.



Intersectional Feminist Society

Prioritizing the rights and empowerment of WoC & those affected by overlapping systems of oppression; to
study and discuss feminism theories, history and current issues primarily focusing upon intersectionality.



Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

For all students to help creating relationships, friendships and fellowship through Christian/Bible study group, hangouts and conversations.



Investment & Entrepreneurship Club

To Promote and Explore the World of Business and Finance. Educating our peers within the domains of investing and entrepreneurship, with a focal point of fundamental & technical analysis, real estate, and business.



Japanese Student Association

Japanese Student Association of Santa Monica College. Connecting students from all different cultural backgrounds through their appreciation of Japan.


Japanese Student Association of SMC


Korean Union

To educate, promote and spread Korean culture, history and entertainment to people from diverse backgrounds and races.



Le Club Francophone de SMC

To create an educational environment for students interested in learning French and francophone culture.


Le Club Francophone de SMC



To help North Korean defectors


Mediamakers Club

Student-owned media advocacy for artists, storytellers & filmmakers from all walks of life. We endeavor to create a conscious space for students to network, develop creative content, broaden skillsets, and exchange entrepreneurial advice.




Music Appreciation Club (M.A.C.)

Encouraging the social gathering of students who share a passion or are interested in music; to establish social connection between students improving musicianship skills by live performances.



Muslim Student Association (M.S.A.)

To provide Muslim students the opportunity to meet their Muslim peers and spread awareness about Islam on the SMC campus; creating a fun and positive environment for them to connect while quelling misconceptions about Islam.




Natural History Club

Promoting sound environmental practice and conservation of wild places; spreading and educating the importance of native flora and fauna, and the impact of climate change on vulnerable ecosystem and endangered species.

We are dedicated to celebrating, sharing, and learning about all things natural history. Anyone interested in the natural world, from plants to bugs to jellyfish, is invited to join. Field trips to various natural reserves and parks are also commonplace.



Pan-African Student Union (PASU)

Many cultures, one people.



Parenting Students Network (P.S.N.)

Catered to pregnant and parenting students, students with dependents to connect with the others on learning about scholarships and opportunities while forming a network of support and advocacy so to relay upon each other succeeding together.


Period at SMC

To end period poverty and stigma through service (donation drives), education (workshops) and advocacy.



Philosophy Club

To converse as students interested in philosophy discussing philosophical texts.


Phi Theta Kappa (P.T.K.)

The mission of Phi Theta Kappa is to recognize academic achievement of college students and to provide opportunities for them to grow as scholars and leaders.




Plastic-Free SMC

Team up to eliminate the use of single use plastics on campus, surrounding communities and the world.



Pre-Health Association (P.H.A.)

We are a student organization of Santa Monica College that helps to further the interest and success of students that aspire for a career in the allied health fields such as Pharmacy, Medicine, Nursing, Respiratory Therapy, Dentistry, and much more! We invite guest speakers to share info that helps students like you reach your goal of attending a health professional school.


Smc Pha


Pre-Law Society

A Santa Monica College student run club that fosters the skills needed to excel in a legal career through weekly events. Affiliated with Pre-Law Pathway Program.

Santa Monica Colleges Pre- Law Society informs students about careers in Law, by bringing in guest speakers and a mock LSAT class. SMC’s Pre-Law society also works side by side with the Pre-Law Pathway Program.




Prison Reform Project (P.R.P.)

We seek to shed light on atrocities in the Prison Industry and to share support and media advocacy for those affected. We are building a supportive student-led movement to share ideas, solutions and create media projects.


The Reform Project


Psi Beta

To honor society that facilitates student lead research.




Psychology Club

To create fun and engaging environment for students interested in expanding their knowledge in psychology, facilitating open-mindedness discussions, gaining new insights and building relationships between students, faculty and the community.





A Christian club seeking to spread the gospel of Christ on campus, strengthening the faith of believers through the ministry and trainings to disciple others by leaderships in development.



Respiratory Therapy Club

To raise awareness in careers to campus and create a sense of community among current RT students and help those with the resources to succeed through the program.


Robotics Club

To develop students’ interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through robotics competitions and other projects.



Rotaract Business Club

To gather young professional leaders to promote responsible citizenship and educate on relevant business topics altogether for real life and to give back to the community while developing professional skills and employing effective leadership.


Screenwriting Club

To create a safe environment for screenwriter to share and develop their ideas and scripts. It is a workshop experience that enables students to learn from each other and make friends who share their passion.


Social Media Marketing Club (inactive)

To provide students interested in this particular segment of marketing opportunities to learn precisely how to promote adverting on social media networks.

Contact: TBA

Spanish Club

To promote the Latinx culture through the Spanish language.



Student Nurses Association (S.N.A.)

To contribute to nursing education; to aid in the development of the whole person in their professional role; to provide programs representative of fundamental interest and concerns of nursing students and to serve as the SMC Chapter of the National Nurse’s Association and California Nurse Student Association


SMC Student Nurse’s Association Club


Students for Bernie

Students gathering in support of Democratic presidential candidate Bernard Sanders.



Students for Justice in Palestine (S.J.P.)

The purpose of the organization shall be to promote justice, human rights, liberation, and self-determination for the Palestinian people.



Students Supporting Israel (S.S.I.)

To engage students in the culture, people, and politics of Israel while cultivating an appreciation for diversity in the Middle East.




Student Veteran’s of America (S.V.A.)

Enhance the SMC experience for veteran students.



The Lack There Of

Satire and comedy publication in Santa Monica College.


The Meal Project Club

To create and launch a project in further assistance to food insecure students obtaining meals.




The purpose of this club is to organize students for the survival, protection, and development of children worldwide through education, advocacy, and fundraising.



Westside for All

Our club exists to support and advocate for our unhoused neighbor in the community—we believe that housing is a human right.




To support and promote the success of women in STEM with a focus on marginalized women, e.g. women of color, LGBTAQ+ women, persons with disabilities.



Young Americans for Freedom (Y.A.F.)

To provide students with ideas of individual freedom, a strong national defense, free enterprise, and traditional values.



Young Democratic Socialists of America (Y.D.S.A.)

To organize on the grounds of social, racial, economic, environmental justice and to articulate to the student body regarding the surrounding community to envision for a democratic and socialist future.